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IGEM focuses on keeping fellow tradespeople safe for Gas Safety Week

September 4, 2019 featured image

IGEM turns the spotlight on unsafe alterations

Gas Safety Week is nearly upon us – it runs between 16th and 22nd September. This year, IGEM (the Institution of Gas Engineers and Managers) has chosen to focus on the prevention of unsafe alterations to already installed gas appliances.

Don’t compromise gas safety

IGEM will be encouraging gas professionals to let fellow tradespeople, such as builders, electricians and plumbers, know about the dangers of interfering with gas installations.  As part of this, Gas Safe Register has released new guidance to help installers ensure they don’t contravene Regulation 8 of the Gas Safety Installation & Use Regulations (GSUIR) L56, a regulation that prohibits work being carried out which would compromise the gas safety of any gas fitting or storage vessel already installed in the premises.

This covers activities such as the building of extensions, kitchen refurbishments, the introduction of cavity wall insulation, the replacement or blocking of permanent air vents, fitting extractor fans, reducing chimney heights and the erection of scaffolding; to name a few.

Keep your eyes open for more information during Gas Safety Week and spread the word.

For more information about Gas Safety Week and how you can get involved, click here.

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