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Landlords unaware of Gas Safety Certificate requirement

August 4, 2015 featured image

Do your customers know about the Landlords Gas Safety Certificate?

According to new research undertaken by Saga Home Insurance, a quarter of UK landlords aged 50 and above has yet to obtain the mandatory Gas Safety Certificate for their rental properties.

With Buy-to-let properties becoming a popular investment choice for this age group in particular, it is alarming that prospective tenants are being put at risk as landlords remain unaware of the law and regulations surrounding gas safety in rental properties.

By law, landlords have a duty of care towards their tenants and part of this is ensuring that the gas system and appliances in a property are safe. Compliance is through annual gas safety checks by a Gas Safe Registered engineer who will inspect all gas fittings and appliances to see they are operating as they should and are being properly maintained. Failing to do so can risk tenant’s lives and landlords could find themselves being prosecuted.

Do you have landlord customers who could do with a reminder of their obligations? Do they need prompting to book up their annual service?

Take the opportunity during the quieter summer months to help them comply with gas safety requirements – you could even recommend they attend our Level 2 Gas Safety Awareness in Residential Premises qualification, which will help them stay on track with their legal obligations.

The qualification is aimed at non-technical personnel who visit properties containing gas appliances as part of their job role, such as a landlord, letting agent, care worker or a home help.

For more details, click here.

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