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#SightforSoreInstalls- Gas Safe Superheroes Twitter Competition

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#SightforSoreInstalls but what does it actually mean?

The Gas Safe Superheroes are at it again!

Over the weekend, they launched the #SightforSoreInstalls Campaign. The campaign is designed to raise awareness of poor standards of work in the gas industry.

This video explains all:


How to get involved

You may have seen the hashtag on Twitter

They need YOUR help to post photos of the shameful boiler installations with the #SightforSoreInstalls.

Whoever shares the WORST boiler installation photo will be entered into their competition with up to £1500 worth of prizes!

This is a great opportunity to show your customers what a bad installation looks like and how they can prevent these installations by making sure their gas engineers are fully qualified and Gas Safe Registered.

So get out there and start looking for the most horribly installed boiler. Good Luck!

Who’s Involved?

There has been some great involvement from suppliers, training providers, magazines and installers and you should see what they found!

Some of the photos so far are [horribly] great.

Check out some recent tweets:

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