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Stay Gas Safe this Christmas

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The lead up to Christmas is a great time to turn the heating up and snuggle in for the evening, but Gas Safe Register has come up with some figures that make chilling reading.

It has identified the top ten cities in the UK with the highest proportion of unsafe gas appliances.

The worst 10 cities for unsafe gas appliances

  1. Edinburgh – where a staggering 40% of gas appliances surveyed proved to be unsafe.
  2. In second place was Birmingham, with 33%
  3. Norwich (31%)
  4. Swindon (29%)
  5. Ipswich (28%)
  6. Wolverhampton (27%
  7. Greater London (25%)
  8. Sheffield (24%)
  9. Coventy (22%)
  10. Finally Central London with 22%.

What’s the problem?

Unsafe gas appliances can cause gas leaks, fire, explosions and carbon monoxide poisoning.

The Fire and Rescue service has launched a safety awareness campaign in partnership with Gas Safe Register.

They are urging householders to keep their gas appliances well maintained – as a first line of defence.

Tips for keeping your customers Gas Safe

In order to keep everyone Gas Safe this Festive season there are four top tips gas installers should be helping their customers follow:

  1. Point them in the direction of the Gas Safe Register so they can make sure the installers they choose are qualified. Search for gas engineers on or phone 0800 408 5500.
  1. Show them your Gas Safe Register ID card (whether prompted or not), and explain the importance of checking the back of the card too so they can see the gas appliances an installer’s qualified to work on.
  1. Get them to sign up to Gas Safe Register’s free reminder service to make sure they don’t forget to book an annual service.
  1. Explain that if there’s a smell of gas, they think there’s a leak or are worried about CO, then they should call the 24-hour national emergency number on 0800 111 999

Gas Safe Register’s Chief Executive, Jonathan Samuel, said

“We are urging families to ensure that they get their annual gas safety check in time for the Christmas festivities so that they can enjoy the holidays with peace of mind that their gas appliances are working safely and efficiently.”


Make sure you maintain your Gas Safe Registration by keeping up to date with Gas ACS.

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