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Competent Persons Scheme, a guide

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Many jobs in the home need to notified to and approved by your Local Authority Building Control, unless carried out by an installer who is registered with a Competent Person Scheme. Examples of the types of work covered by Building Regulations include:

• Electrical work in kitchens
• Replacement windows and doors
• New bathroom installations
• Replacement roof
• Cavity wall insulation

If work doesn’t meet Building Regulations, it will not be legal and you could be prosecuted, facing fines of up to £5,000. Fines aside, home improvements done by un-trained installers may be un-safe or cause health problems.

If you don’t choose a competent person and the Local Authority Building Control finds work to be faulty, then they could insist you put this right at your own expense. And, if the work has not been notified or carried out by a registered installer from a Competent Person Scheme you will have no record that the work complies with Building Regulations – this is important if you choose to sell your home as you may be asked to provide certificates of compliance.

Competent Person Scheme registered installers:
• Qualified to carry out specific types of work in accordance with Building Regulations
• Deal with Building Control issues on your behalf
• Notify the local authority on your behalf
• Issue a certificate of completion as proof of compliance
• Have met the criteria of the Competent Person Scheme which includes relevant experience and appropriate training. Logic4training provides installer training for electricians, gas fitters and plumbers.

To find a Competent Person Scheme registered electrician, visit and enter your postcode, or the name of an installer.

More information about the Competent Person Scheme and complying with Building Regulations can be downloaded here: CLG Competent Persons Schemes

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