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Good Neighbours stop rogue traders – Infographic

November 27, 2014 featured image

A new campaign called Good Neighbours Stop Rogue Traders has been launched by The Federation of Master Builders (FMB) and the National Federation of Roofing Contractors (NFRC).

They are encouraging people to carry out more thorough checks on traders in a bid to crack down on doorstep criminals.

The campaign is focused on neighbours looking out for one another, especially those who are most likely to be targeted by doorstep criminals and encouraging them to step in and alert the authorities.

For Customers there are a number of steps people should take to avoid falling victim of a rogue trader:

  • Seek tradesman recommendations from family and friends
  • Obtain at least three quotes for any work you wish to take place
  • Check the references of tradesmen and go and look at previous work they have done
  • Produce a detailed written specification of the work you want to be done and ensure the quote provided covers all of this work (including supply of materials and removal of rubbish)
  • Ensure that the tradesman has the appropriate level of public liability insurance for the work to be carried out

Customers should also look for the following identification:

  • Gas Safe Register ID for Heating engineers
  • MCS Cards for anyone working with Renewables
  • ECS Cards for electricians
  • Checks can also be made online using sites like or

stop rogue traders infographic

Doorstep crime involves criminals preying on vulnerable people – often older and living with ill health – by cold-calling at their homes and pressurising them into paying extortionate prices for unnecessary goods or services.

The outcome is often botched jobs on roofs, driveways and gardens and the practice often sees victims being frogmarched into banks and building societies to withdraw large sums of cash.

Consumers and Tradespeople alike should pull together and help stop criminals. Rogue traders give the trades a bad name. Make sure you report them immediately. 

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