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The Green Deal Returns

March 24, 2017 featured image

After weeks of rumors about the Green Deal returning, it has now be confirmed! However, the question floating around on social media is ‘should installers get involved?’

According to Green Deal Provider and Managing Director of Eco-energi John Davidson has said that its good news the deal is ready to go from April. He also believes that it will be good for business for PAS 2030 certified installers.

What’s The Green Deal?

The Green Deal was originally launched in January 2013. Its purpose; to provide an affordable retrofitting loan scheme to thermally upgrade housing stock.

This worked by allowing homeowners to apply for a Green Deal loan throught their finance comapny (GDFC) instead of paying out the full amount at once. This loan would take payments through their electricity bill and would cover the total cost of the work.

However, it’s important you are aware of their golden rule: ‘The expected financial savings would be equal to or greater than the cost of the improvements in the first place’.

More Information 

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