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Second phase of the RHPP announced

March 29, 2012 featured image

A second phase of the Renewable Heat Premium Payment (RHPP) scheme has been launched, starting from April 2nd and worth £10m more than the existing scheme.

The new money will help the RHPP go further including an £8m competition to encourage community groups to install renewable heating and £10m for social housing landlords.

This will be on top of the existing voucher scheme focused on the four million homes in Great Britain which are not heated by mains gas.

This is particularly good news for installers in rural communities where most end-users with off-gas heating is located.

Heat pumps, biomass and solar thermal are covered by the scheme, with homes and buildings that wish to install heat pumps and biomass having to meet energy efficiency criteria to qualify.

Climate Change Minister, Greg Barker, said:

“The new Renewable Heat Premium Payment scheme will be bigger and better than the original.

“We’re increasing the budget from £15m to £25m, for the first time we’re including community schemes and there’ll be more social housing schemes that can benefit.

Those people who are reliant on expensive oil or electric heating should consider applying to the Premium Payment scheme to cut their fuel bills in the long term.

“Generating heat from renewables will not just cut carbon emissions, it will also help create a market in developing, selling and installing kit like solar thermal panels or heat pumps.”

The scheme will continue to be administered by the Energy Saving Trust. Karen Lawrence, Energy Saving Trust Director of Delivery, said:

“Our aim is to empower householders by giving them the right tools and advice to help them reduce both their energy usage and bills.

“Without a doubt, one of the main barriers that prevents people from taking the plunge is the up-front capital cost.

The announcement of the second phase of the government’s Renewable Heat Premium Payment (RHPP) scheme not only offers homeowners help with the initial costs, but it also provides them with access to heat technologies that can help them to reduce their energy bills, year on year.”

With yet another incentive to consider renewables, heating and plumbing installers who haven’t yet done so should consider up-skilling with appropriate training.

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