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Good News for Oil Engineers

August 29, 2018 featured image

The popularity of oil is still strong, particularly for off-grid households where it continues to be a cheaper heating option compared to electricity, LPG and renewable heating technologies.

For engineers, a career in the heating sector offers both job security and flexibility. There’s no shortage of domestic or commercial work so it can also be financially rewarding.

The sector’s well-publicised skills shortage means there are simply not enough qualified professionals to go around; a situation that could be further exacerbated if EU migration is restricted under the final Brexit deal and the industry has to rely solely on home grown talent.

To help address the issue, OFTEC has been working closely with both City and Guilds and BPEC to improve the standard of heating and plumbing apprenticeships as part of government’s ‘Trailblazers’ initiative.

The scheme’s aim is to provide sector businesses and industry with the opportunity to tailor training to meet their specific needs.

OFTEC Registration Figures on the Rise

There’s been such a lot in the press recently about the importance of proper qualifications and the message seems to be getting through to consumers. Employing someone who’s been through proper training is clearly the smart thing to do.

Growth in OFTEC registration figures over the last five years’ points to a healthy recognition of the value both engineers and consumers are placing on professional qualifications.

One of the factors in this increased public awareness could well be social media. Incidents of poor workmanship are now easily – and widely – shared though the likes of Facebook – and consumers are becoming more savvy.

OFTEC registration is an effective way of demonstrating that you have the appropriate qualifications and experience, reassuring homeowners that they’re dealing with a professional and providing them with peace of mind.

David Knipe, OFTEC training manager who says: “Even the most experienced technicians can benefit from OFTEC training and the additional benefits this brings, including free technical advice and regular sector updates. Being able to confidently advise customers on the best solution for their needs could make the difference between winning and losing a job.”


Free OFTEC Registration for Newly Qualified Apprentices

For those starting out on a career, OFTEC is currently offering free registration for the first year to newly qualified apprentices in Great Britain and Northern Ireland who have completed training up to Level 3, and in the Republic of Ireland up to Level 6, who are employed with an OFTEC registered business.

Logic4training is approved by OFTEC to deliver a full range of oil training courses. For more details click here

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