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Hydrogen Leads the Way in the UK’s Fuel Evolution

August 1, 2018 featured image

As part of its Clean Growth Strategy, the government says that reforming energy policy to include more affordable and greener energy options, such as hydrogen, is a top priority. It now appears it’s prepared to put its money where its mouth is.

Clean Growth Minister, Claire Perry, has announced plans to invest £20 million in the development of a Hydrogen Supply Programme which suggests the government’s serious and that hydrogen could well become the clean energy supply the it’s been searching for.

It’s clear the UK needs to find an alternative to the carbon-based fuels we use at the moment, in order to meet our climate change targets, and although they too are on the rise, the switch to renewable alternatives has up to now been a bit sluggish.

Why Hydrogen?


The gas industry has been getting very excited about Hydrogen, which is more environmentally-friendly than natural gas because it produces only water and heat when burnt.

Research has shown that if we replaced natural gas with hydrogen, we could utilise our existing supply network, making it a practical and attractive solution.

BOSCH is leading a group of boiler manufacturers in supporting the project, working to adapt boiler designs to use hydrogen mixes.

Studies in the north of England to assess hydrogen’s potential are underway and assuming feasibility studies and safety tests at Keele University are positive, Liverpool and Manchester will be the testbed for an ambitious £600m project by Cadent, which currently runs gas connections to half of the homes in the UK.

At a recent meeting at The Hydrogen Hub where plans to develop hydrogen and fuel cell projects in Swindon and Wiltshire were discussed, Claire Perry said:

“This technology has the potential to secure clean, reliable and flexible energy for families and local businesses, whilst creating a new innovative sector in the UK, growth, and high-quality jobs.”

A Bright Future

Investing in low carbon hydrogen heating is clearly a step in the right direction for the industry.

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