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Keep Solar Thermal campaign

April 15, 2016 featured image

On the 21st March 2016 the STA (Solar Trade Association) held an emergency meeting and decided to take a “strong approach” in rebutting the government’s proposal to remove solar thermal from the RHI scheme.

The STA have started the #KeepSolarThermal campaign page, urging people to fill out the consultation template.

There are only 3 questions to answer. All STA members are being urged to respond and also share their views.

keep it solar thermal

From the STA:

“Solar thermal is one of the cheapest and most established renewable energy technologies able to contribute to the UK’s renewable heat targets.

 It is designed to work alongside the majority of heating systems and can provide roughly half of your hot water requirements across the year and nearly all during the summer months.

Solar thermal ensures the widest possible number of homes, including smaller, urban and less-able-to-pay homes will be able to benefit from the RHI helping improve fairness and inclusivity in public funding.

Solar thermal is also unique in not presenting ongoing fuel costs & future cost uncertainty, which is particularly valuable for vulnerable homes.

Solar thermal’s potential for space heating, community heating and industrial process heating is tremendous & rather than dropping solar thermal Government should be supporting the development of its full range of applications.”


A meeting has been scheduled on the 19th April where the STA will review their response with their members.

You can register and come to the meeting as the STA believes it is crucial their response “robust” and representative of member views as possible.

The deadline for response to DECC is 11:45pm on the 27th April 2016

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