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Solar Thermal Now

November 20, 2017 featured image

The Solar Trade Association (STA) have produced a new report called Solar Thermal Now.

The report was produced in collaboration with the solar thermal working group.

The STA launched the report at the Stamford Bridge leg of PHEX 2017 on the 15th November.

It dispels common misconceptions of solar thermal and showcases it’s flexibility and broad application.

The report also highlights the enormous potential for cost and carbon saving.

Download your copy of the Solar Thermal Now report.

solar thermal now report

“This guide aims to inform potential investors in solar thermal, and its related technologies, of the merits of this technology and how the new LabelPackA+ label can help to inform and improve investment decisions for schemes up to 70kW in size.”

Spread the word

There has already been a good response from the industry.

The message that “It’s time to shake off solar thermal’s preconceptions” has started to spread across social media and in blogs online.

Solar thermal has great potential, particularly with home owners.

We want to encourage more installers to look into the technology as a viable heating source, along with other renewable technologies.

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