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Asbestos awareness training still vital

November 6, 2015 featured image

It is still vitally important for gas engineers and other trades people to get the proper asbestos awareness training to prevent accidents when working in at risk properties.

A gas engineer was fined in October 2015 after he removed asbestos lagged pipework without taking any precautions to prevent exposure to the fibres, putting himself and the occupants of the property at risk.

The engineer was fitting a new heating system in the home when he removed the old pipework, which was lagged with asbestos, using an electric saw. He then carried the pipework through the property and deposited it outside on the drive.

This was not the work of a cowboy or illegal gas fitter, the engineer was fully qualified and Gas Safe Registered. However the HSE, prosecuting, said that he did not have any asbestos training.

It told the court that if the engineer in question had had the appropriate asbestos awareness training, he would have recognised that the lagging could be asbestos.

He would have known to avoid any work until it had been demonstrated as asbestos-free or removed by a licensed contractor.

Unfortunately the engineer removed the pipework with no precautions to prevent his own exposure to hazardous asbestos fibres, and the potential for other people to be exposed.

The home owners have had to move out of their home pending thorough decontamination of the property. The engineer pleaded guilty and was fined £5,000 plus £3,000 in costs.

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