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Plumbers Get Winter Ready

November 16, 2016 featured image

With winter approaching, plumbers and water companies are working with weather experts to remind people on how to stay safe and warm. 

The register for approved plumbing businesses, WaterSafe and various UK water companies are supporting the ‘Get Ready for Winter’ campaign by the Met Office.

The campaign will provide people with information on how to prepare, react, stay warm and safe to the cold season.


The cold can cause the water inside the pipes to freeze, therefore important crucial home and business are prepared for winter. Here are some simple steps individuals can take;

  • Wrap up pipes and water tanks with lagging
  • Fix dripping taps
  • Find your home’s stop tap and make sure you can turn it off
  • Leave the heating on low if you go away
  • Check your central heating boiler has been serviced
  • Keep the name of a plumber handy

More Information 

Households looking for a trusted plumber to help them this winter are advised to use the online directory WaterSafe, which is backed by all water companies in the UK.

To find your nearest accredited plumbing business go to

For Winter tips and videos from WaterSafe plumbers go to

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