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What our customers think of pre course learning

 Mar, 24 - 2015   Training

Since launching our online, pre course learning “ClubLogic” for CCN1 initial and re-assessment, we’ve had an incredibly positive response from candidates and trainers alike.


Our candidates find that it really helps relieve the stress they often feel before coming into the centre for their training and assessment.

Our trainers have noticed this too, with many remarking on how much better candidates perform when they have been able to login to ClubLogic and brush up on certain sections of the course.


Pre-course learning, E-learning, online learning, Clublogic is all of these things and is unique to Logic4training. All the content is designed and delivered by our trainers, the teachers that our candidates are familiar with. We find this helps people connect with the content more.


Check out the Infographic below to see the positive response from our candidates to pre-course learning.


What our customers think of clublogic



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