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World Plumbing Day!

March 10, 2020 featured image

The 11th March is World Plumbing Day, an event initiated by the World Plumbing Council (WPC). With water essential to all of our existences, it’s a chance to shine a spotlight on this important profession.

Plumbing is important – in the UK we take for granted that when we turn on a tap clean water comes out, but around the world some people are not so lucky.

40% of the world’s population having no access to proper sanitation or a working sewerage system – plumbing has a key role in improving health and also environmental stability across the globe.

In the UK, good plumbing helps to prevent water wastage and offers a lucrative and in-demand career to suitably trained installers.

Train to be a plumber

For World Plumbing Day 2020 we want to promote the plumbing trade and the importance of training. Plumbers are in the business of looking after our most precious resource – water – part of the general drive to reduce the environmental impact of our buildings.

Download our free guide to careers in plumbing to find out how to get involved.

Plumbing is also a key element of many renewable solutions, including solar thermal hot water and heat pumps, making it the basis of future-proof upskilling opportunities.

Get involved in World Plumbing Day

The World Plumbing Council have produced a number or resources to help promote and celebrate World Plumbing Day.

You can find these resources at

To share your World Plumbing Day celebrations use the hashtag #WorldPlumbingDay or send your photos directly to

CIPHE’s calls to action for World Plumbing Day

The Chartered Institure of Plumbing & Heating Engineers (CIPHE), a member of the WPC, has made the following calls to action to promote and support the plumbing sector:

  • Ensure all customers, and especially the vulnerable, are protected from rogue plumbers and heating engineers.
  • Equip plumbers and heating engineers with skills and support to deliver safe and high quality work in the home.
  • Strengthen the education route from apprentice to professional in the plumbing and heating industries.
  • Raise the profile of plumbing and heating as an attractive career path for school leavers and those looking to change careers (e.g. ex-service personnel).
  • Promote safe plumbing and heating systems and minimise problems such as Legionnaires’ disease and hot water scalding.

All of our plumbing courses are recognised by CIPHE.

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