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Case Study – Tesco

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Client Requirements

One of Logic4training’s business development managers, Jim Moore, took an initial enquiry from Tesco.

He arranged for director Mark Krull and one of our electrical training specialists, Neil Parsons, to meet with two engineering maintenance managers at Tesco Extra in Basildon to discuss their requirements.

With so many fridges and air conditioning systems in Tesco stores, the technicians must constantly check these systems and make sure they are in good working order.

We identified a skills gap relating to the electrical controls and motors relating to the air conditioning and refrigeration systems. These systems are controlled by computers. If there is an issue with these then Tesco would have to bring in an electrician at extra cost or throw out faulty components which could in-fact be saved with regular maintenance.

Logic4training agreed that testing and control circuit training for 8 air conditioning/refrigeration engineers was required.

Our Solution

Logic4training delivered an initial 3 days classroom training consisting of testing motors and building control circuits using purpose built training boards (designed by Logic4training’s Neil Parsons) followed by practical assessment and a multiple choice question paper.

This was followed by 2 days on site training in conjunction with a Tesco technician assisting, carrying out practical tasks on company equipment including a practical assessment.

Much of the on-site training took place on the roof working with the chillers and refrigeration equipment. This was followed by fault finding on motors and inverters in the plant room.

After the initial on-site work we arranged for further training on soft starters and inverters, 3 phase and single phase systems and safe isolation procedures, all of which involved training and assessment to qualify the technicians to carry out the work that was required of them by the client.

Outcome and Feedback

By the end of the training process engineers were able to increase type/range of work activities carried out on site.

The technicians all had a better understanding of the electrical controls and operations of the motor and inverter systems which enables them to fault find in a more precise manor.

Feedback from engineers was positive, with confidence and expertise improving after every on-site visit from Logic4training.

This has become an on-going project but has saved Tesco thousands of pounds as they can identify small faults before they become fatal to the systems involved and no longer have to bring in contractors to deal with basic issues.

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