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Case Study – Uxbridge High School

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Client Requirements

After an initial enquiry through the customer service team which was passed on to our trainer’s, one of our electrical specialist.

The Academy does not employ a traditional caretaker. Instead, there is an on-site building maintenance team, responsible for a variety of tasks. Neil Parsons spoke to the school building services manager to get an idea of their possible training requirements and then made a site visit to establish the type of training required.

High ceilings, high power stage lighting rigs and other media type equipment all requires specialist maintenance.

During the visit the school’s BSM agreed that electrical isolation training for 10 staff would be the most beneficial to suit the needs of the school and the staff.

Our Solution

Logic4training delivered 1-day on-site training consisting of theory covering electrical isolation procedures for single phase distribution panels and single phase final circuits followed by a practical demonstration covering both.

Candidates then carried out practical tasks to isolate a distribution panel and to isolate a lighting circuit.

This was followed by a practical assessment and a short multiple choice question paper to check knowledge and understanding.

Outcome and Feedback

All ten staff successfully completed the practical and written assessments which allows them to carry out multi-skilled tasks on a day to day basis.

Feedback was positive from the candidates who enjoyed the day and from the school management who could now utilise the staff for different work activities.

The school is now in the position to carry out its own basic maintenance tasks without the need to call in outside contractors, saving money and time.

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