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This package is for engineers who wish to install bulk storage LPG tanks and install the associated PE pipework. This is a package and includes training, assessment and certification fee.

  • Duration: 2 Days
  • Price: £395.00 Ex VAT

The LPG Vessels package is a training and assessment programme designed to clearly identify the skills and knowledge required by a competent person, to carry out installation and commission of bulk storage LPG storage vessels.

The course also trains operatives on how to carry out electro-fusion jointing of PE pipework up to a maximum diameter of 63mm.

It covers:

  • VESLP1 LPG bulk storage vessels single supply
  • VESLP2 LPG bulk storage vessels multiple supply
  • EFJLP1 Electro-fusion jointing

This programme is intended for experienced gas operatives.

Candidates must hold an LPG ACS qualification CCLP1 or CONGLP1.

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This course is required if you are an experienced gas engineer wishing to gain competence in the installation & commission bulk LPG storage vessels and who also need to carry out electro-fusion jointing of PE pipework.

The training covers the following

  • Underground pipework – Separation for services, Trench-work, Anti-shear sleeves
  • Bulk storage vessels – Siting requirements, Vessel pipework & fittings, Signage
  • Tightness testing procedures – Low pressure, Intermediate pressure
  • Electro-fusion jointing
  • Use of electric fusion welder, Selection and application of pipework and fittings

The training will utilise a training manual which is provided in-centre.

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Northolt - -
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Basildon £395.00