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What is an average plumbers salary?

December 1, 2021 featured image

How much do plumbers earn?

Plumbers are some of the happiest of all the trades, with a recent survey reporting that on 61% have high job satisfaction and 44% are proud of their work.

It could also have something to do with the average plumbers earning potential.

How Much Does an Average UK Plumber Earn?

Average plumber salary in the UK is £33,285, higher than the national average of £31,461.

In London and the South, domestic plumbers can expect to earn a salary of £35,000 to £41,000 with benefits including company pension, holidays, van, fuel and tools.

In the North West, plumbers with an NVQ Level 2 qualification can expect a starting salary of £29,000 – £33,000 dependant on experience.

How much do average plumbing businesses earn in the UK?

Plumbing is a versatile career with plenty of options for career progression, upskilling and earning.

One of the ways that plumbers can increase their earnings is by becoming self-employed or setting up a plumbing business.

Set up costs for a plumbing and heating business can be around £9,000 – £10,000 taking into consideration tools, van hire, insurance, marketing and company registration.

However, due to the potential for plumbers to earn high hourly or daily rates – up to £350 a day in some cases – this initial investment can be earned back relatively quickly compared to other trades.

Self-employed plumbers will have to file a tax return with HMRC, setting out income and expenses – for things such as vehicle running costs, materials, repairs and maintenance – even trade magazines!

If you work as a sub-contractor, you will pay tax though the Construction Industry Scheme (CIS) at a flat rate of 20% – meaning you’ll usually get a rebate at the end of each tax year – bonus!

Is plumbing a good career?

Aside from the job satisfaction and high earning potential, plumbers are always in demand.

Plumbing is a common denominator of every home in the UK – from ancient stone cottages to insulated new builds and high efficiency Passive Houses.

Homeowners are always looking for a reliable and qualified plumber!

There are lots of changes happening in the building services sector and plumbers are perfectly placed to take advantage. Their skills and qualifications are the perfect grounding for renewable technologies, like heat pumps and solar thermal.

Those with practical skills and plumbing qualifications will always be in required – no matter what the heating technology or fuel.

What qualifications do plumbers need?

For entry level plumbing jobs, our Bronze package provides learners with a Level 2 Diploma in Plumbing and Heating. Ideal for new entrants, the course delivers a solid foundation for a career in plumbing, as well as the perfect grounding for further training in related industries such as gas engineering and renewable technologies.

Our The Silver package includes an NVQ element for candidates who need a CSCS card. It covers the WRAS Water Regulations and enables successful candidates to apply for a JIB Plumbing Skills Card and Approved Plumber Status.

Offering the highest earning potential, our Gold and Platinum packages are based around our excellent Managed Learning Programme for Domestic Gas (MLP). This course covers safety and energy efficiency and includes free air source heat pump training.

On completion of the MLP you’ll be able to sit an ACS assessment, which will enable you to become a Gas Safe registered engineer.

Become a plumber with Logic4training

We offer flexible weekend training for learners of all backgrounds. Training can be completed in as little as 6 weeks and then you’ll be on the tools, earning a plumbers’ salary.

Get in touch to find out the best route for you.

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