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What’s in the 18th edition wiring regulations?

June 27, 2017 featured image

With 18th edition a year away, it’s time for electricians, technicians, and installers to take note.

The draft has been released for professionals and anyone with an interest to read and comment on but many of you simply don’t have the time to read through what is a massive document.

Luckily there are some really great resources already available and Logic4training is going to do its best to keep you up to speed with as many as we can.

For a comprehensive look at the changes from IET17 to IET18 and our 18th edition checklist – Click here

Project 18

For starters, there is #Project18, an exciting new campaign from the ECA which aims to raise awareness of the 18th edition wiring regulations.

They have produced some bite-sized videos addressing the potential impact of the publication of the new wiring regs.

BS 7671: 18th Edition – Impact of Part 2 – Definitions

BS 7671: 18th Edition – Impact of changes Part 4 – Protection for Safety

BS 7671: 18th Edition – Changes in part 5 – Selection and erection in equipment

BS 7671: 18th Edition – Impact of Changes Part 7 – Special Locations

BS 7671: 18th Edition – The New Part 8 – Energy Efficiency of Electrical Installations

BS 7671: 18th Edition of the Wiring Regulations is Coming

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Courses from Logic4training

The 18th edition will be in place from the 1st January 2019. Everyone who works in the electrical sector will be expected to update to the new edition promptly. Many will want to do this as soon as possible. The new book was published in July 2018, and courses and exams is available to book now.

Logic4training offers a full 18th Edition Wiring Regulation Course and a top up option to upgrade from 17th Edition to 18th Edition.

18th Edition training course (Full – 3 days)Learn More

18th Edition Wiring Regulation (Upgrade – 1 day) Learn More

UK standards for electrician training do not change that regularly; when they do, it’s a major event and all training provision must be updated.

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