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CCC CEO Discusses the future of heating at Worchester Bosch

June 21, 2019 featured image

The Committee on Climate Change (CCC) published a new government commissioned report last month, which got many companies wondering what the future of the industry will become.

Worcester Bosch, which has been working with the CCC and has developed the UK’s first fully functional hydrogen boiler prototype, is fully supportive of the report.

Martyn Bridges, Director of Technical Communication and Product Management at the leading boiler manufacturer, said: “It is excellent to see organisations and bodies such as the CCC directly connecting with big heating companies to discuss decarbonisation.

“Now there is a confirmed commitment on net zero, it is the responsibility of all of us in the heating sector to contribute fully. We believe hydrogen has a major part to play so we are happy to have been able to show Chris what our research and development has produced.

“With the Keele University trials due in a couple of months, the recent Drax coalition on a Humber-based hydrogen facility and our prototype boiler we believe hydrogen is definitely the way forward when it comes to tackling decarbonisation of heating and hot water.”

Mike Foster, CEO of Energy and Utilities Alliance, commented: “The gas boiler is not the enemy in the fight against climate change but an ally. It’s the use of methane that releases carbon, and that needs to be phased out.

“Using low or zero carbon gas in our homes will keep them warm and keep bills down, as well as saving the planet.”

Worcester Bosch will be officially revealing its hydrogen boiler prototype at an event later this year.

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