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How To Become A Gas Safe Engineer

August 5, 2020 featured image

Gas engineers must register with the Gas Safe Register in order to work legally and safely on gas appliances and heating systems in the UK.

How to become a gas safe engineer? Gas engineers must become qualified and complete a portfolio of work to gain an ACS (Accredited Certification Scheme) certificate.  This will then enable them to work on gas safely and legally.

You can learn more about what ACS gas safety is here.

To learn about applying for gas safe registration click here.

Training Courses

There are many different appliances and systems that use gas and each one requires a specific qualification or certificate in order to be worked on safely and legally.

Domestic gas training courses allow gas engineers the opportunity to train in a safe environment on the appliances and systems they wish to work on. A training centre like Logic4training offers the facilities and expertise for this. They are then assessed and either pass or fail based on their competence.

For newcomers to the industry or tradespeople who want to work on gas for the first time, a new entrant training course is highly recommended.

There are 2 routes, one for complete beginners and one for tradespeople with some relevant experience. Courses for beginners take 7 weeks initial training plus a minimum of 10 weeks on-site experience, then the final week for the ACS exams for CCN1 core and CENWAT as well as optional portfolio placement.

A portfolio placement is vital for new entrants as it is an opportunity to get real-world experience and prove they are able to put what they have learnt to the test.

It can be difficult to find someone willing to take a trainee engineer on but, thankfully, Logic4training is able to place engineers on an observed placement with a fully qualified engineer. Learn More

Logic4training can help you onto the Gas Safe Register

Do you want to become a key worker? Does becoming a gas engineer appeal to you?

Our friendly team are here to answer your questions. We have technical experts available to discuss qualifications and training requirements. Want to see our centres before you book?

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