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What is Gas Safe Register

The Gas Safe Register is the official list of gas businesses that are registered to work safely and legally on boilers, cookers, fires and all other gas appliances.

The registration body covers the whole of the United Kingdom, the Isle of Man and Guernsey.

They took over from CORGI as the gas registration body in Great Britain and Isle of Man on the 1st April 2009 and in Northern Ireland and Guernsey on the 1st April 2010.

By law, all gas engineers must be on the Gas Safe Register.

Gas Safe Register investigates reports of illegal and dangerous gas work.

The information they gather is then passed on to the Health and Safety Executive (HSE), who have the power to prosecute.

Gas Safe Register regularly conducts public awareness campaigns to make gas consumers aware of the risks of unsafe or illegal gas work and carbon monoxide (CO) poisoning.


How to become Gas Safe

To get on the Gas Safe Register and earn your card, you must

  • Undertake an Accredited Certification Scheme (ACS) training & Assessment
  • Complete an on-site portfolio of gas work
  • Obtain a CCN1 qualification
  • Register with Gas Safe Register

Once you have carried out the training at a reputable training centre (or an apprenticeship), completed your portfolio and obtained a CCN1 qualification, you are free to apply with Gas Safe Register.

It takes around 21 days for a CCN1 certificate to be issued (express certification is also available with Logic4training).

Please note: A CCN1 certificate alone does not entitle you to legally work on gas. You must apply with Gas Safe Register first.


How much does it cost

To become a Gas Safe registered engineer from scratch (that’s assuming no prior experience) costs £5750 plus VAT if you train with Logic4training and do your on-site portfolio with us. For experienced operatives with transferable skills such as Plumbers, pipe fitters or similar trades the costs goes down by £1450 plus VAT.

You need:

For New Entrants with no prior experience: Domestic Gas Heating Installer – New Entrants Package £4,750 plus VAT

For Experienced trades e.g. plumbers, pipe fitters or similar: Domestic Gas Heating Installer – Experienced Trades MLP Package £3,300 plus VAT

On-site portfolio (optional) £1250 plus VAT

Learn ‘How to become a Gas Safe Registered Engineer’ here.

The cost of a new Gas Safe Register application is £362 plus VAT and it takes around 1 week for first time applications to come through.

The above will give you your basic domestic qualifications, allowing you to work on central heating, boilers and water heaters. This is referred to as “CENWAT”.

You can add appliances like cookers (CKR1) separately.

Enrolling on a gas safe course does not mean you are gas safe registered.

Likewise, once you have completed your training and have earned your CCN1 qualification, you are still not permitted to work on gas.

You are not registered by Logic4training when you complete your CCN1 assessment, you must still register with Gas Safe Register.

Apply for registration online on the Gas Safe Register website

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