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A closer look at our new London Mayor – Sadiq Khan

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With many Logic4training customers London-based, we take a look at what our new Mayor, Sadiq Khan, is planning to do for the Capital

Housing –

Sadiq Khan has pledged to make 50% of homes developed in the city “affordable”:

“My first priority will be tackling the housing crisis. We need to build more homes, including more genuinely affordable homes for Londoners, and fewer gold bricks for overseas investors.”

He wants to roughly double to 50,000 the overall number of new dwellings being built in Greater London each year, which would create more jobs for gas installers, electricians, plumbers and heating engineers.  Even an effort to upgrade existing housing stock would be great news for building services installers in London.

He has plans to bring in a “living rent” meaning Londoners will have “first dibs” on properties.

Khan firmly ruled out building on green belt land and says instead, he will use land owned by the Mayor and Transport for London to increase the supply of housing.

Transport –

Khan says he will freeze London transport fares for four years and introduce a one-hour bus ‘Hopper’ ticket.  He will pay for this by making Transport for London (TfL) more efficient and exploring new revenue-raising opportunities.

He claims Londoners won’t pay a penny more for their travel in 2020 than they do today.

City cycling will get a boost as Khan plans to increase the proportion of TfL’s budget spent on cycling.  The Cycle Superhighway Programme will broaden London’s safe cycle network by prioritising Quietways – continuous cycling routes running through parks, alongside waterways and down quiet backstreets.

Khan plans to tie house building to new transport infrastructure projects, including proposals such as Docklands Light Railway extensions, the Bakerloo Line extension, and Crossrail 2.

Business –

Khan’s background is in business, and he’ll says work with businesses to ensure that more Londoners have access to the skills they and our economy need.

Apprenticeships –

Khan will set up Skills for Londoners scheme which would provide strategic leadership and identify key gaps in the capital’s workforce.

The promised construction of thousands of homes in City Hall will create potential and need for apprenticeships.  Establishing links between businesses, educational institutions and the boroughs will make sure Londoners are trained in the skills that are needed most.

Renewables –

Khan wants to be the “greenest mayor ever”, and establish London as a leader in low-carbon innovation and industry.

London’s air quality will be restored by setting out an ambitious long-term plan for clean energy in the capital, including:

  • Plans to pedestrianise Oxford Street.
  • Trying to bring forward the Ultra-Low Emission Zone making it harder to bring polluting vehicles along major arterial routes or a wider section of central London.
  • Transport for London will set a target of only buying clean electric or hydrogen buses from 2020 to help manufacturers invest in clean bus technology.
  • Opposing the construction of a third runway at Heathrow Airport
  • Embarking on a major tree-planting programme, aiming to plant 2 million trees across London.

Want to be part of London’s clean energy revolution?  Check out our renewables courses.

Council tax –

Khan promises to keep council tax as low as possible without risking Londoners’ safety.

Safety –

Renewed focus on neighbourhood policing, action to tackle the spread of extremism, and fighting for the resources desperately needed by our police and fire services.

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