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Sittingbourne – first courses go down a storm!

October 8, 2019 featured image

Introducing our new Sittingbourne centre – it’s already getting rave reviews!

We’ve just finished the first courses at our new Sittingbourne centre. So far so good!

One happy customer, Ray Adams, who just completed the Gas ACS four Day CCN1 & Appliances Re-assessment Package, was very complimentary of our excellent tutors, Simon Lower and Mark Ashley:

“Couldn’t just leave and say nothing so please convey to Mark and Simon my sincere gratitude for their patience and guidance through my last work related ordeal. It shouldn’t be a problem for someone who’s been working in the gas industry for the time that I have, however people respond differently and sometimes negatively to classrooms. You both did your best to allay my anxieties and the gentle hints were crucial in my case.

“Simon: It didn’t go unnoticed the ‘people-skills’ you’ve mastered; choice of words, confrontation avoidance, sense of humour, dealing with the candidates ill temper sometimes, anxieties, frustrations, fear even. You never forget a good teacher.”

We appreciate that sitting in a classroom is not the natural habitat of many trades people. We want to make you feel as comfortable and supported as possible so you get the best out of your training experience with Logic4training.

Experience our Sittingbourne centre for yourself

For installers in Kent, our new Sittingbourne centre offers a great location to complete essential building services qualifications. Courses available include:

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