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Ideal for Gas Safe installers who already hold the Core Domestic Gas Safety (CCN1) and are looking to renew their commercial gas ACS qualification.

1020.00 + VAT Ex VAT

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This package course includes training and assessment on changeover domestic to commercial heating core gas safety, installation first fix of commercial pipework and appliances, commission, service, repair and breakdown of 3 commercial appliances and tightness testing and direct purging of installation pipework.

This course is ideal for operatives looking to renew their commercial qualifications while still keeping their domestic gas qualifications live. If you are taking on the commercial heating qualifications for the first time, we recommend the Commercial Up-skill package which involves more training.

The cost of the course includes training, assessment and the certification fee. Training is not a mandatory pre-requisite to assessment. Candidates must hold a valid CCN1 certificate.

Operatives who do not need to do all of the modules within the package should contact the Customer Service Team on 0345 845 7222 for a revised price / duration for the course.

Operatives must hold the Core Domestic Gas Safety (CCN1) qualification. They should be renewing their existing commerical qualifications or have on-site experience of the modules being undertaken. Operatives who are undertaking the domestic to commercial changeover qualification for the first time, may wish to consider attending the Commerical Gas Safety Upskill Package which has a more in-depth training programme. Please contact the Customer Service Team on 0345 845 7222 if you are unsure which course should be undertaken.

From Monday 1st October 2018, you have to be be registered with Gas Safe Register for a minimum of 6 months to do a Domestic to Commercial Heating Changeover. Find out more

The course includes training on the following:

  • Installation requirements for commercial gas pipework
  • Commercial chimney requirements and Clean Air Act
  • Ventilation requirements for commercial appliances in different locations
  • Combustion analysis including NOx and SOx
  • Operation of forced draught burners
  • Commercial appliance and pipework controls
  • Strength testing, tightness testing and purging of commercial gas pipework

The assessment includes practical taks and multiple choice question papers on the following modules: –

  • CODNCO1 Changeover Domestic to Commercial
  • ICPN1 Installation First Fix on Commercial Pipework
  • CIGA1 Indirect Fired Commercial Appliances
  • CDGA1 Direct Fired Commercial Appliances
  • CORT1 Overhead Radiant Tube & Radiant Plaque Heaters
  • TPCP1a Tightness Testing & Direct Purging of Pipework not exceeding 1m³ in volume or 6″ in diameter

Pre course reading is strongly recommended prior to attending this course. The Logic Certification Commercial Gas Safety Training Manual can be purchased via our Logic4trade online shop.

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Northolt £1,275.00 0208 845 7222
Luton £1,275.00 01582 562702
Basildon £1,275.00 01268 413315
Sittingbourne £1,275.00 01795 505991
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1020.00 + VAT Ex VAT

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