A new piece of policy called Boiler Plus was announced on the 12th October 2017. It was issued by the Department for Business, Energy and Industrial Strategy (BEIS). The policy will form part of Building Regulations. It will also require a new minimum performance standard for domestic gas boilers in English homes to be set at 92% ErP.* It will give consumers more choice over the way they heat their homes and more control over their energy bills. The Boiler Plus Scheme is now in force and all gas installers must be aware of it. The Government, manufacturers and installers all have a key role in aiding consumers with what it means and upholding the new standards. What are the issues with boiler plus compliance?   

What is The Boiler Plus Scheme

The new standards for domestic heating came into force on the 6th April 2018.
  • All gas boilers installed into existing systems in England must have an ErP efficiency of at least 92%
  • Time and temperature controls have to be installed at the same time, if not already present and working
  • Require combination boiler replacements to include the provision of an additional energy efficiency measure to be installed at the same time.
  boiler plus policy  

Energy Saving Technology

From April 2018, when a gas combination boiler is installed in a domestic property in England, an additional energy efficiency measure will be mandatory. Because every house is different, this requirement is flexible to allow a suitable choice to be made that reflects the nature of the building and the needs of the household. The energy saving technologies that can be used to comply are:
  • Flue gas heat recovery systems
  • Weather compensation
  • Load compensation
  • Smart controls with automation and optimisation functions

The installer’s role

We believe the boiler plus scheme will have huge implications on the gas industry in the UK. There is currently a gap in knowledge when it comes to smart controls from both the consumer and the installer. Installers will have to offer their customers the best advice on the energy saving measures detailed above and must be able to install them. The Government will work with consumer advocacy groups to provide more information to consumers and enable them to hold trades people to account if they do not consider whether homes would benefit from:
  • Individual radiator controls;
  • Balancing the system so that all radiators get as warm as each other;
  • Suitable levels of cleaning and protecting the heating system from debris.
  *ERP - The ErP Directive aims to phase out poorly performing products across a range of product groups to reduce carbon emissions across Europe, with the ultimate goal of achieving the EU's 2020 targets.
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